1-18-11 SSSwg meeting agenda

Student Services Support WorkgroupMEETING AGENDATuesday, January 18, 2011--2:30-4:30 pmRoom 2931
1. Adjust and approve agenda
2. Reports on to do list from last week

Question from Student: Why can’t I have that today?

  • Task (Gary): Call Bellevue re: I-Modules
    • Gary reports feedback from Melissa Sitzenstock at Bellevue that I-Modules works well--but things need to be uploaded to the HP daily--will require additional staff to input data into the HP and provide customer service--we've identified three vendors (I-Modules, Campus CE, and Blackboard, that might be able to do some of the work to connect to the HP)--Goal is to allow students to apply and register the same day by replacing roadblocks that ensure quality with follow-ups that ensure quality--possibly do a process analysis with how Bellevue uses I-Modules--can automate responses to student email questions
    • Replacement system candidates (Gary): new intake software, improved communications system (Blackboard has one--ReachOut), registration system (Campus CE, I-Modules)
  • Task (Chris): Which parts of the Application process have to go through the HP?
    • Record-keeping:
      • Check for duplicate records
      • Verify that transfer instutions are accredited
      • Verify residency
      • Zip codes
    • All of this data can be input after the fact
    • For registration students need SID, PIN, DOB, residency, SSN, address
    • Some questions on the application are mandated by the state
  • Task (Linda): Which processes of FA can be automated--what are the steps, detailed?--Where are signatures and paper documents needed?
    • Linda presented a FA flow chart process--gray boxes show where automation might be possible
      • FA Data Sheet could be put online with forced answers--Some questions on the application are mandated by the state
      • Transfer credit evaluation needed for students who already have credits to transfer in
    • Lots of manual steps to verify data from students and cross-check with HP
      • Gary asks Linda to indicate steps that are just reading data as opposed to steps that are entering data
    • Need to move toward auto-deposit rather than sending FA awards in the form of printed checks
    • Signatures--Washington State Need Grant rules do not require that the SNG conditions of award statement be signed
    • Signatures--Authorizing SCC to do certain things with FA dollars--questions for Stuart about whether signatures are needed here
    • Dept. of Education says that all eSignatures must follow provisions of the Federal E-Signature Act
    • How can we automate FA applications so that students can get an award Yes/No within 10 days?
    • Chris suggests automated messages to students about missing documents and information--can push out this information much more quickly if students are required to use Shoreline email addresses
    • Can we assign student email addresses automatically when they apply for admission?
  • Task (Amy): How long can students stay registered without paying at online schools now?
    • University of Phoenix requires payment at time of registration
  • Task (Chris): How far can we push a hold on payment through a FA hold or deferred payment? –College cannot extend credit to students, which WAC governs this?
    • State constitution forbids giving away state resources without payment
  • Question for Financing Group—How long can the college extend payment deadlines through students signing promissory notes? What is legal under WACs?
    • Right now students sign legal contract that they will pay if financial aid doesn't come through
    • Stuart says that SCC could extend credit to students but not give them credit for the courses if they don't pay
  • Task (Amy): What sorts of tests are available, what are the proctoring requirements? Can we accept results of multiple tests? ESL placement tests? CASUS-- models for instant placement? 5-Star Consortium? Is Virtual College stand alone or does it go in the 5-Star?
    • ASSET, COMPASS, and Accuplacer are all proctored, students told to go to nearest community college to take a placement test, pay fee to the college
    • Amy did online Math placement test for Goucher College; will have 15 y.o. daughter take Writing placement test
  • Task (Gavin): Replacement software or alternate registration module, bypass for HP
    • Campus CE has some tricks to pretend to be the HP server
    • Blackboard
    • I-Modules
    • Gary wonders about whether we can buy bits and pieces from different vendors
  • Task (Chris): How do we find out time of day when people are applying—time of day, day of week, etc.?
    • No clear pattern of time of day when people are applying
  • Task (Linda): Automating Workforce Funding Processing
    • Linda will talk to workforce managers one-on-one and find out more info here
3. New items for discussion
  • Advising--Gary meeting with them on Monday
  • Orientation--Gary meeting with them on Monday
  • Other Services
  • Ted's Suggestions--discuss next time
  • Books--Amy
  • Resource Centers--are there any--Chris will look for what is happening with online resource centers
  • Library--Amy
  • Tutoring--eTutoring
  • Study Groups
  • Are there vendors out there already selling stuff that will do some of these things
  • Linda following up on her items from this meeting
  • Amy following up on placement testing