Virtual College Leadership Team (VCLT) and Work Group
Thursday, January 27, 2011
2 - 3:30 pm
Room 9201
1. Additions to Agenda (All)

2. Request for Notetaker (Ann)

3. Work group reports and sharing (All)

4. Next VCLT Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 2, 12:30 - 2 pm, room Library Conference Room (room 4202)

5. Good of the Order/Other

Meeting Notes:

Notes by: Amy Kinsel

Ann Garnsey-Harter, Chair
Assessment, Quality, Continuous Improvement
Betsey Barnett
Pam Dusenberry
Student Services
Gary Kalbfleisch
Amy Kinsel
Linda Weir
Patricia Wade
Carla Hogan
Claire Murata
Ruth Duffy
Jane McNabb
Stuart Trippel, Vice Chair
Mark McVeety
Pollie McCloskey
Jerry Baker
Jim Hills

Pamela H. Lundquist, university student studying eLearning

Quality, Assessment
Kenneth Lawson
Jamie Ardena
Doug Reid
Student Services
Gavin Smith
Chris Melton
Gloria Anderson
Annie Byrne

Meeting notes:

Ann introduced Wikispaces site, and Virtual College initiative principles
  • Workgroups should be thinking about what is best for students from the student perspective
  • Use data and research to support analysis
  • Timeline: short-term and long-term
  • Possibly recommend pilot projects for new ideas

Comments and questions:
Carla says piloting anything will be difficult because we don't have a smooth student online interface
Betsey and Jim reiterate concerns about student services
Jim mentions "iterative" process of growing slowly from where we are to where we want to be
  • Build on our current strengths

Group Reports

External Funding--Jane McNabb
  • Needs to know what is needed in order to figure out how much it would cost and where the money would come from
  • Blackboard introducing SCC to foundations for possible grant funding
  • Funding awaits recommendations about what needs to be staffed and purchased and training
  • Gary comments that we might be able to get grant funding to produce a "How to Be a College Student" and "How to Learn Online" free open-course branded with Shoreline
  • Meeting with Gates Foundation on February 8--pass on ideas to Jane McNabb about possible ideas for things that Gates might be interested in funding (Mark Milliron)
  • Gates Grant to form partnership with WGU? (Indiana got a grant to do this)
  • Lumina Foundation--set up just to fund community colleges in eLearning

Internal Funding--Stuart Trippel
  • Tuition set by the state, but the College can discount out-of-state tuition for online only students (needs to be marketed)
  • Cannot yet offer reduced tuition to international online students (could be modified by SBCTC, possibly)
  • Fees--how do we charge for technology--several different fees currently
Student technology fee
  • Online fees
  • Hybrid fees
  • Computer lab fees
  • Special course fees
  • Does this really result in good technology planning?
  • A uniform fee per credit will be more fair and consistent (might not result in more money)

How to Succeed in Online Instruction course and How to Be a College Student courses
  • Marketing opportunity
  • Give it away for free on a website
  • Link to service learning for current SCC students who would be mentors
  • Give course to CEO/Learning Center North students with mixed model
  • Give to high school and junior high teachers to prepare students for college
  • Deliver through mobile device and iPhone

Addressing Fears and Rumors Around College
  • Enrollment trends for College are down
  • Virtual College would not replace bricks and mortar college
  • Not about replacing instruction that's F2F for students who prefer that
  • Shoreline district does not have F2F enrollment potential
  • This is a supplement not a replacement
  • College within a college concept

Fears Among Faculty that they will be replaced by out-sourced rent-a-teachers

Marketing--Jim Hills
  • Build from existing offerings
  • Packaging existing offerings--fully online degrees and certificates--how to we make it a consistent offering
  • Packaging and marketing would benefit from consistent look, feel, tool, feel, student experience
  • Launch and fix as you go

Automotive program?
  • Programs attached to manufacturers
  • Manufacturers control the instructional process
  • Two-year tech programs, online components from manufacturer
  • Contract training
Online student opportunities
  • Online high school courses (see Utah courses for History for $125)

Student Services--Gary Kalbfleisch
  • Application
  • Admissions
  • Testing
  • Financial Aid
  • Orientation--can be put on website, put online--can be introductory free courses
  • Advising--sophisticated online chat advising--faculty could have advising hours
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Proctored Testing?
  • Tegrity?
  • Can we accept all types of placement tests: ASSET, COMPASS, Acccuplace?
  • Career navigator
  • Study groups
  • Uniform access codes
  • Uniform email addresses
  • Library chat
  • Tutoring and learning center help
  • Blackboard Connect
  • Payment (pay with foreign credit card, for instance)
  • Resource centers

Question from Pollie--what about specialized application processes?

Instruction--Carla Hogan
  • Short-term--scaling up what we already have, where are the hurdles
  • Business DTA courses are already available online, how to assure classes are actually offered
  • Student cohorts coming through
  • Longer-term--partnering with business to identify their training needs
  • Business DTA looking at international students in their home countries
  • Articulation agreements with domestic universities or universities in their home countries
  • Basic skills, ESL, best practices
  • Mentoring for students, training for students
  • Skill gaps for state of Washington--Accounting, Science Tech, Chemical Lab
  • Pipeline into the high schools--starter course
  • Stackable degrees (starter course, certificate, degree)
  • Multiple enrollment opportunities, rolling into the next quarter from one quarter if students don't complete credits
  • Bismark State College
  • Whatcom Community College
  • Continuing professional education
  • Career changing for people who already have bachelors degrees
  • 3-year contract with Blackboard--can ramp up, can do multiple start dates to connect with item number, 24/7 Bb helpline
  • Some only can be synchronous for some students--especially for developmental education or ESL
  • Schools with high ESL population, learning lab for parents of students who are in school
  • Tegrity, Elluminate integrate with Blackboard
  • Best practices to standardize format of classes to make it student friendly
  • Need for training for faculty teaching online--faculty need to learn how to use technology, also training for student support staff
Assessment, Quality--Pam Dusenberry
  • Assessment of gen ed outcomes, student learning assessment (this would address an issue for the whole college)
  • Course level, program level, gen ed outcome level
  • Quality requires faculty and staff training
  • Quality Matters in-house training, best-practice training, mandatory faculty training
  • Online pedagogy and course design
  • Student identity--how do we deterimine whether the students doing the work are indeed who they say we are?
  • Quality for students services also
  • How do we define quality?
  • Blueprint must explain why completion rates do not assess quality
  • How do we measure whether the students are getting what they came here for?