Virtual College Leadership Team (VCLT)
Thursday, January 6, 2011
Noon - 1:30 pm
Small Conference Room in Admin Bldg.
1. Additions to Agenda (All)

2. Request for Notetaker (Ann) - Amy has volunteered

3. Review and approve notes from last meeting (Ann)

4.Work groups (Ann)

5. Communication with Campus (Ann, Stuart)

6. Reviewaction items from last meeting (Ann)

7. Next Meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 12, 1-2:30 pm, room TBA. Bring your calendars.

8. Good of the Order/Other

Meeting Notes:
Present: Dr. Ann Garnsey-Harter, Chair; Mr. Stuart Trippel, Vice-Chair; Professor Carla Hogan; Mr. Gary Kalbfleisch; Professor Amy Kinsel; Dean Ken Lawson, Mr. Jim Hills.

Notes by: Jim Hills

Minutes from the December 21 meeting were reviewed, adjusted, and approved.

· Work-group membership and charges.
o Ann reviewed Wiki
o Each work group now has its own page
o All work-group members identified on documents have confirmed
o Marketing: Group consensus that Marketing group work is key to other groups moving forward
o Funding
o Ann noted that work groups can use their Wiki pages as work spaces and can add information/data they find to the general resources page; please direct workgroups to that area for cross-communication and collaboration purposes.

· Work group/VCLT processes
o Stuart noted that each work group includes a VCLT member who can bring that discussion to VCLT
o Carla noted that work groups should look at both short- and long-term goals/steps: “We’re building a blueprint for a mansion, but we also need some shelter immediately.”
o Amy suggested a retreat with VCLT and all work groups
* Group discussed retreat pros/cons and options, including goals and timing
* Consensus to table the retreat idea for several weeks pending more information from work-group process
· Campus communication
o Ann reported that she, Stuart and Daryl met to discuss communication needs
o Consensus to create an FAQ for the VC project, Ann took notes on suggested FAQ points. [Stuart volunteered to polish that draft.]

o Consensus to present FAQs to existing campus groups such as College Council, OpCom, Faculty Senate Council and make campus aware of the Wiki, which is read-only accessible to the public.
o Brown Bag TBA in early February. Ann will find a date and room.

o Gary presented Ideal VC brainstorming exercise
* Document started after TSS discussion is on Wiki
* Could open to campus as an input opportunity
* Ann is investigating Wiki options to facilitate the exercise
· BB consulting option
o Consensus that work-group process would accommodate potential BB consulting services options being investigated by Jane McNabb.

Action items from December 21 reviewed.

Next meeting: 4 pm, Jan. 13, 2011, room 4202