Virtual College Leadership Team (VCLT)
Thursday, December 2, 2010
Noon-1:30 pm
Room 1103
Agenda to print out:

1. Additions to Agenda
2. Welcome and thanks for serving!
3. Request for notetaker
4. Background and tools
a. Board of Trustees presentation:
b. Review SCC Virtual College wiki:
c. Review Virtual College Leadership Team
d. Do we need Dropbox or other tools?
5. Request for Vice-Chair
6. Create strategic workgroups
a. Workgroup areas
b. Workgroup “charges”
c. Workgroup members and Chair
7. Define “blueprint”
a. Must include an option of outsourcing
b. Decide if want Bb consulting to help us create blueprint
c. Must take to college and ask for feedback after we’ve done it
8. Choose a meeting cadence and day / time
9. Next meeting: TBD
10. Good of the Order/Other

Meeting notes (submitted by Gary Kalbfleisch):

All members were present.

Action Items:
· Meeting with Blackboard next week, 12/10/10 from 9 to 11 AM, Board room. Done.
· Both Carla and Stuart volunteered to serve as vice-chair. Ann with make the decision. Done.
· Ann will confirm current list of principles with Lee. As per Jim Hills: Access, Accountability, Affordability and Outcomes. Done.
· Gary will create listserve list for Leadership Team and workgroup leads Done.
· Jim will send “one pager” to the group
· Ann will schedule meeting for next week. Done.
· Chair and vice-chair will develop outline of blueprint. Done.
Future and notable discussion items:
· “Lower cost to students”
· Motivation for increased completion rates
· Communication to the campus
· Geographic market – Global or local
· Course offerings and credentials – Specialized, broad, credit, quarters
· Modality –Faculty, tutor approach, wrap-around
Business model – Self run, contracted, joint venture