Virtual College Leadership Team (VCLT)
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
4:30-5:30 pm
Room 2931

Present: [need to add]

1. Additions to Agenda (All)--added item 3.5

2. Request for Notetaker (Ann)--Amy volunteeered

3. Review and approve notes from last meeting (Ann)--approved as amended

3.5 Report from today's College Council meeting visit by Ann and Stuart
    • Suggestions from CC include
      • Use of portal for single student access point to online experience
      • Customer Relationship Management software--is there something suitable?
      • Edmonds as an example? Bellevue?
      • Are we scaling up what we are already doing or doing something different?
      • Has there been a marketing survey to find out whether there are 10,000 potential students?
    • Ann and Stuart will plan to attend CC again following completion of March 1 Blueprint

4. Work group reports (All)
  • Ann added information about workgroup members to show their expertise and experience (update as neede)
  • Make sure all meeting agendas and notes are posted to the Meetings page in the Wiki (may also be posted to Work Group pages)
  • Ann went over advice for thinking of blueprint from student's perspective, use data and research to support recommendations, address what could be implemented in short term and long term, think about a pilot project

Funding and Marketing Group, January 10
  • Business and industry don't feel their needs are being met by est. educ. institutions (per Lee)
  • Boeing pays for its employees to take classes (per Jerry)
  • Phasing
    • Technology--eCommerce barriers first
    • Business and Industry
      • Scale up existing programs--talk to faculty in those progrmas
      • Marketing--where? to whom? how do we anticipate business/industry needs?
    • International marketing--International student barriers
    • Compare costs with competitors and market our affordability and accreditation
  • Jim looking at interim steps to move from current eLearning program to larger program
    • Packaging what we offer now in a marketable way
    • Remove barriers to admissions/advising/enrollment and put together cohorts of students?
    • Core idea is to build on what we do now--build on our strengths--take the classes we already offer and package them into coherent online degrees
  • Where do you go from there? Where do you build up?
    • Business and Industry--a build-up requires more start-up money
    • Need to identify two or three programs and their start-up costs to pitch to grantors
    • Partnership with City University
    • Partnership with Western Governors University
  • Strategy is incremental growth on our current strengths

Funding--Ann talked with Jane McNabb today, January 18
  • Foundations
  • Partnership with Blackboard--Blackboard has promised to broker a meeting with Gates Foundation, but this hasn't happened
  • Blackboard has not followed through with free consulting services
  • John and Lee have been invited to be on the Blackboard Council for developmental education--John and Lee going to D.C. on Monday for that meeting
  • Partnering with WGU (per Lee)--Indiana got Gates Grant for partnership with WGU

Internal Funding--Stuart
  • What we can charge students is determined at the state level
  • Ann suggests we look at how other online universities fund themselves--Stuart notes that for-profits charge high tuition and fees
  • Jim suggests that there isn't a non-profit funding model for a fully-online college, although we can learn bits and pieces
  • Can we charge enough tuition to cover costs (must be allowed by legislature)
  • Need grants for start-up costs

Student Services Work Group
  • Focus on getting students in the door by taking down front-end barriers
  • Then provide quality services after they are already committed
  • Question: how does Rio Salado enroll students every Monday without applying--what are they willing to streamline as a barrier to get students to register for a class
  • Funding Group should investigate how long students can defer funding
  • We don't accept Accuplacer (we accept ASSET and COMPASS)
  • Business and Industry partnerships--professional continuing education--non-credit courses
  • Advanced Accounting classes for people with advanced degrees for people who want to change careers
  • Growth Industries: telecommunication, nuclear energy (solar power?)
  • Short-term--existing degrees and certificates--scalability
    • Business-DTA online--modules and multiple start dates
    • Basic Skills--I-BEST--online synchronous sessions?
    • Design standards
    • Quality Matters
    • Should faculty training be required
    • Academic integrity
    • Who owns the courses: faculty v. college or college v. partner (i.e. Blackboard)
    • Automotive? Partnerships with dealerships for hands-on training off site
    • Easier search for online courses in online catalog is needed
  • Can we require students to take a basic introduction to online instruction class?
Quality and Assessment
  • Ways to review course design
  • Quality Matters is one model
  • In-House review process--work group leaning towards in-house
  • Faculty--how do we help train faculty in best practices in online teaching
  • Build an online course that would be built on best-practices--could make this mandatory
  • WAOL has a "how to teach online"--this is in Angel
  • Can we require students to take a basic introduction to online instruction class?
  • Student affairs--mentor?
  • How is a mentor different from an advisor/counselor?
  • AAUP Red Book for academic freedom

5. Brown bag preparation (Ann)

Meeting adjourned at this point

6. Reviewaction items from 1-6-11 meeting and from 1-13-11 meeting (Ann)

7. Next Meeting: Friday, Jan. 21, 1:30-2:30 pm, room 9201.

8. Good of the Order/Other