Student Services Support WorkgroupMEETING AGENDATuesday, January 25, 20112:30-4:30 pmRoom 2931

  • Action items from last meeting
  • Advising--Gary meeting with them on Monday
  • Orientation--Gary meeting with them on Monday
  • Other Services - Technical support, anything else?
  • Ted's Suggestions--discuss next time
  • Books--Amy
  • Resource Centers--are there any--Chris will look for what is happening with online resource centers
  • Library--Amy
  • Tutoring--eTutoring
  • Study Groups
  • Are there vendors out there already selling stuff that will do some of these things
  • Linda following up on her items from this meeting
  • Amy following up on placement testing

Report First Draft
Student Support Service Report (First Draft)

Brainstorming from Gary:
How to take an online class, mandatory, free class, to get them in the door, and then do all the testing, financial aid, advising? (There is a limited amount of questions and self-quizzing to deterimine readiness for our potential online students.)

Follow-ups from January 18:

Financial Aid:
  • Discussion of report from Gavin and Linda RE: financial aid application process; several good steps are suggestes; some would require additional staffing.
  • Also, FAM portal could be used to award loans, but unclear whether this is compatible with our current processes, how robust these processes are, how well they fit together.

  • Chris suggests typing information from current web application into the HP would take approximately one minute of staff time per application. Student would get ID and email address and processing would occur after the fact.
  • Web applications have fewer errors than paper applications because there are required fields that students must fill out or they cannot submit the application.
  • HP batch job has to run to assign student PINs. We could run the HP batch jobs more frequently.
  • Gavin suggested emailing students that their PIN will be available within X amount of time and tell them where to go to find PIN and get started registering.

Orientation and Advising:
  • Orientation--most of this information can be provided online
  • eAdvising--works now with students who choose it
  • Faculty can send out periodic information to students, e.g. when the drop dates are, when registration for next quarter is ("Remember the drop date for this quarter is Friday.")
  • Chat v. email? -- Advising in real time, some faculty in the "pool" -- faculty and students need to authenticate into the system to meet FERPA requirements -- Gavin found software that is inexpensive, stores data on our server, and is searchable
  • Current HYBRID Online Orientation has lots of pages of information, much of it very useful for interested students
  • Also have new "Steps to Success" Get Oriented page
  • Students can register already without testing if they don't want to take English or Math
Blackboard Connect:
  • Generates authomatic emails and phone calls to remind students about deadlines, such as drop dates and registration
  • Would require significant staffing
  • Benefit of single sign-on for students for all services
  • Can we at least have one username and PIN for students?
Transcript Evaluation:
  • Time required to evaluate transcripts varies
  • Must be knowledgeable and experienced
  • Preliminary evaluation can be done in one hour per person
  • International Programs has a service to evaluate transcripts and turnaround is 30 days
  • Need more staff for transcript evaluations
  • Why does the college not accept Accuplacer scores?
  • Can we encourage students to take COMPASS and ASSET at other colleges and send us the scores?
  • Database of testing centers for students to take proctored exams for courses?
  • Database of colleges that offer COMPASS and ASSET tests?
  • Are there classes that any student can take even if they haven't taken COMPASS and ASSET?
  • Online registration blocks registration if the student gets an error code for an unpaid fine (library, parking, etc.)
Ted Haase's Suggestions: Students Dropping Classes without signature of faculty member
  • Can there be a statement students agree to that if it is found that the student plagiarized, the W will convert to a 0.0
  • Can refunds be delayed until after verification that faculty approves W?
  • Can we have an app that notifies students when students have withdrawn from a course?
  • Process for W will need to be approved by Faculty Senate Council
Items to Discuss next week:
  • Technical support
  • Disability services
  • Library support
  • Bookstore support
  • Veterans services
  • Online resources
  • Workforce education
  • Study groups
  • College "experience"