Virtual College Update
Faculty Senate Council 11.10.2010

1. Approval of Minutes from October 27th Faculty Senate Council meeting.

We did not do this, as there was not a quorum when we began the meeting.
2. Approval of Agenda
We did not do this, as there was not a quorum when we began the meeting.
3. Virtual College update – Kenny Lawson
Background: While Lee Lambert was in Washington D.C.; he met with Blackboard representatives, and invited them to come to Shoreline to discuss a Virtual College.
Before they came, Daryl, Ann and Kenny met to plan that meeting with Bb. They discussed convening a Virtual College Leadership Team with the following workgroups

Systems Technology (registration, etc)

Blackboard representatives came to Shoreline to talk with administrators about how they might help us with our Virtual College goals.
The perceptions of Bb reps were generally positive; they seem to be genuinely interested in learning, in addition to selling their products.
Our vision of a Virtual College is on a continuum, from what we have now to a concept that everything that is available to face-to-face students is also available to online students.

Virtual College models mentioned:
Rio Salado Community College
Fort Hayes C.C.
University of Pennsylvania
Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon
Next Steps: PSET is convening a Virtual College Leadership Team, led by Amy Kinsel and Ann Garnsey-Harter, in their roles as StratPlan/Budget and Vice Chair. PSET will for volunteers with the necessary time, interest and skills to contribute to the VC Leadership Team and/or to workgroups. Dr. Lambert is asking that recommendations be finalized by March 1, 2011.
Ann has started a wiki (I don’t know where it is)
4. Behavior Intervention Team Report – Yvonne Terrell-Powell and Tonya Drake:
The charge: create systems and protocols to help us be safe on campus
Behavioral Intervention Threat Key (handout)
Behavioral Interventional Referral Guide (handout)
In process: a reporting system
General Rules:
Clarify expectations: what is acceptable behavior in the classroom?
What are possible sanctions for unacceptable behavior?
Students held accountable for appropriate behaviors; or sanctions applied
within these guidelines, contextualize individual problems

Dr. Drake reported escalation in inappropriate behaviors across the state and across the nation in the last 18 months.

Some Q&A around various faculty scenarios

5. Create Faculty committee to work with Deans developing program assessment tools.
Kenny Lawson stayed on to talk more about the Annual Dashboard. John agreed to have a few faculty work with deans Kenny and Dave Cunningham to make recommendations on the Dashboard form, so it more closely reflects the data faculty would like collected.

The FSC Dashboard Panel:
Terry Taylor
Tim Payne
Emma Agosta
Amelia Acosta
Guy Hamilton maybe
A Prof/Tech faculty member
6. Amy Kinsel presented on FACTC meeting(s) and gave her impressions about what is happening around the state.
7. Advising model
Tabled for next meeting
8. Plagiarism
Tabled for next meeting
89 Open Comments
Guy reported on the Student Success Breakfast. It seemed unusual that mostly faculty were supporting the fundraiser. Only one board member donated; only one vice president. Mostly faculty was in the room.