Virtual College Leadership Team (VCLT)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
12:30-2:30 pm
Room 1103

1. Additions to Agenda
2. Request for Notetaker (Ann) Kenny was strong-armed into this
3. Review and approve notes from last meeting
3. Brief discussion of 12-10-10 meeting with Blackboard

4. “Blueprint” Outline Draft (Ann, Stuart) external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png
5.Work groups: Define charge for each work group, Select members,work completed: Friday, Feb. 4th, 2011 (first deadline); work can continue through mid-February 2011. - Tabled until next meeting.
6. AACC Marketing Opportunity (Ann, Kenny) - delegate to a Marketing Work Group?
7. Ideal Virtual College Conversation (Gary) - Tabled until next meeting.
8. Next Meeting:.
a. Tuesday, Dec. 21, 12:30 -2 pm, room 9201
9. Good of the Order/Other

Meeting Notes:
Virtual College Leadership Team (VCLT)
2010 December 15 (Wednesday)

Present: Dr. Ann Garnsey-Harter, Chair; Mr. Stuart Trippel, Vice-Chair; Professor Carla Hogan; Mr. Gary Kalbfleisch; Professor Amy Kinsel; Dean Ken Lawson. Jim Hills.

Notes by: Ken Lawson

Minutes from the December 8 meeting were approved.

VCLT reviewed the meeting with Gordon Freedman (Blackboard) 12/10

Action item: Research Capella and Rio Salado and learn what they have done.

Action: Ann, Kenny, and Jim will research the AACC online consortium effort. [Meeting has been set to discuss.]

Gordon mentioned that Capella has a large African American female student population that they believe was the result of advertising on NPR. Another point made by Gordon was to make partner with K-12.

Be strategic and be deliberate about what you're not going to do anymore.

Student services and integration are key.

Focus on 2-3 programs that the college does well; you don't have to build it all out at once. Lee identified Auto and ESL as two programs that could be targeted for first launch.

Gordon suggested that one way to increase revenue and develop one's reputation is to develop the assessment mechanisms and processes. Become the expert.

We discussed individualized modules and whether this was a useful way to build the VC. It was suggested that we could go the opposite direction of individualized, chunks of curriculum. Instead, we could create an entire degree program build on a cohort model. The theory is that the cohort could help provide instructional support.
It was pointed out the Rio Salado has 46 start dates. Perhaps we need to focus on best practices, like those adopted by Rio, and emulate those.
Gordon also hopes to link the Foundation and Lee to the Gates. It was suggested by Gordon that we could become the experts in an online learning environment. So we could create a think tank or institute that establishes our reputation as an expert and resource.

Action: Ann will talk to Jane M. about relationship between Foundation and Bb.

Action: VCLT will update the campus on blueprint status sometime during the month of January. [Ann is discussing with Daryl first.]

Discussion re: workgroups
Funding: 2e, 6a-f, 7b (later will be influenced by 5)
Marketing: 3a-c
Student Support Services 3d, 3e, 3fiii (including enrollment, library, orientation, e-commerce, etc.) Bring in students and conduct focus group?
Instruction: 3fi-ii
Assessment and continuous improvement: 3fiv, 3g-h, 5d

How will we define the virtual college so that the work of the workgroups is sufficiently well defined? There was some discussion as to how well-defined the vision and mission should be.

Action for next meeting: come with names for whom you would recommend for the workgroups above.