Virtual College Leadership Team (VCLT)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
12:30-2:00 pm
Room 9201
1. Additions to Agenda (All)
2. Request for Notetaker (Ann)
3. Review and approve notes from last meeting and action items (Ann)
4. “Blueprint” Latest Draft: Vision and Mission (Ann)
5. Work groups: Define charge for each work group, select members,work completed: Friday, Feb. 4th, 2011 (first deadline); work can continue through mid-February 2011.
6. Ideal Virtual College Conversation (Gary)
7. Next Meeting: possible times (no time works for everyone) - please bring your calendar
a. Tuesday, January 4: 12:30- 2pm; 3-5 pm
b. Thursday, January 6: Noon-1:30 pm
c. Friday, January 7: 12:30- 3 pm: Carla not available.
8. Next Meeting Agenda Item: how to communicate with campus in January re: Virtual College initiative; include exercise on Ideal Virtual College
9. Good of the Order/Other

Meeting Notes:
Present: Dr. Ann Garnsey-Harter, Chair; Mr. Stuart Trippel, Vice-Chair; Professor Carla Hogan; Mr. Gary Kalbfleisch; Professor Amy Kinsel; Dean Ken Lawson, Mr. Jim Hills

Notes by: Taken by Amy Kinsel

Minutes from the December 15 meeting were reviewed.
Amended minutes to reflect that Jim Hills did attend.

Action items from December 15 reviewed:
  • Carla will review Rio Salado College
  • Jim will review Capella University
  • Remaining members will focus their research by reading Lessons Learned for Virtual Universities
  • Meeting on the 28th for review of AACC consortium - SCHEDULED
  • Discussion of offer from Blackboard to schedule another planning meeting; consensus was that we should ask Jane McNabb for her opinion of further work with Blackboard, move forward the conversation so that the next meeting will have an agenda that is designed by VCLT; blueprint could discuss consultation services with Blackboard; work groups could ask for input from Blackboard representative(s). Ann will contact Jane re: Blackboard next steps.-SCHEDULED.

Blueprint latest draft, mission and vision discussed:
  • Discussed Vision and Mission statements on the Draft Blueprint. Crafted drafts for Vision (what) and Mission (how) statements. Ann volunteered to research other virtual college visions and missions and draft a revision.
  • Discussion of niches for face-to-face and virtual colleges; what are success rates at other online colleges (and how is success measured?).

Work groups:
  • Ann has put draft up on the wiki of the groups
  • Discussion of people to assign to each of the work groups
  • Preliminary lists of group members brainstormed
  • Ann will discuss group membership with leads, will update potential lists and send to VCLT, will discuss with Daryl for PSET/VP approval and appointment of members soon

Ideal virtual college: Tabled until next meeting

Next meeting time: Thursday, January 6, 12:00-1:30 pm