Virtual College Principles:

i. Accessibility: The virtual college will increase meaningful, easy access to online education for more students wherever they may be geographically; the virtual college will break down current hurdles (e.g., lack of online advising and counseling, tutoring, financial aid) in order to increase student success rates.

ii. Affordability: The virtual college will provide a high price-to-value ratio and will offer education at a price less than the competition and/or will provide funding to students to help them meet the cost. The virtual college also will be affordable to Shoreline Community College in terms of resources required in relation to return on investment.

iii. Accountability: The virtual college will be accountable to students, funders, accreditors, prospective employers, and taxpayers.

iv. Outcomes: The virtual college will demonstrate that student learning outcomes are being satisfied. Students in the virtual college will be held to the same academic standards as students attending Shoreline Community College face-to-face. Faculty will be held to the same or higher pedagogical standards as those teaching face-to-face.